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Especially after the fall of China to the Communists, U. East Asian experts saw Japan as the critical counterweight to the Soviet Union and China in the region. While there was no United States policy that dealt with South Korea directly as a national interest, its proximity to Japan increased the importance of South Korea. The Truman administration was fretful that a war in Korea was a diversionary assault that would escalate to a general Escort coreana argentina in Europe once the United States committed in Korea. At the same time, "[t]here was no suggestion from Escort coreana argentina that the United Nations or the United States could back away from [the conflict]".

The UN Security Council approved the use of force to help the South Koreans and the US immediately began using what air and naval forces that were in the area to that end. The Administration still refrained from committing on the ground because some advisers believed the North Koreans could be stopped by air and naval power alone. On 27 June President Truman ordered U. Intelligence; North Korea was not invited as a sitting temporary member of the UN, which violated UN Charter Article 32; and the Korean conflict was beyond the UN Charter's scope, because the initial north—south border fighting was classed as a civil war.

Because the Soviet Union was boycotting the Security Council at the time, legal scholars posited that deciding upon an action of this type required the unanimous vote of the five permanent members. Their forces included T tanks, artillery pieces, attack bombers, some Yak fighter planes, 78 Yak trainers, and 35 reconnaissance aircraft. In contrast, the ROK Army defenders were relatively unprepared and ill-equipped. Appleman reports the ROK forces' low combat readiness as of 25 June The ROK Army had 98, soldiers 65, combat, 33, supportno tanks they had been requested from the U.

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There were no large foreign military garrisons in Korea at the time of the invasion, but there were large U. Communism was acting in Korea, just as Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese had ten, fifteen, and twenty years earlier. I felt certain that Escort coreana argentina South Korea was allowed to fall, Communist leaders would be emboldened to override nations closer to our own shores. If the Communists were permitted to force their way into the Republic of Korea without opposition from the free world, no small nation would have the courage to resist threat and aggression by stronger Communist neighbors.

Navy no longer had the warships with which to carry out his request. Lacking sufficient anti-tank weapons, artillery or armor, they were driven back down the Korean peninsula to Pusan. Parks stated that "Many who never lived to tell the tale had to fight the full range of ground warfare from offensive to delaying action, unit by unit, man by man The President disagreed with advisers who recommended unilateral U. They were unsuccessful; the result was dead, wounded, or taken prisoner. Although Kim's early successes had led him to predict that he would end the war by the end of August, Chinese leaders were more pessimistic.

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