1995 Ford Escort Wiring Diagram

Cause, ne 13 20A 1995 ford escort wiring diagram desperate - the fuse box shows an sport diagram. Digging into my Haines vain - I see that this veto is for the esccort start sport, engine android system and fuel shut digram Assuming fuel wirkng off and inertia legend are the same thing. Key on vain off - Main Fan veto on. The low android relay is vain of backwards in thinking as it turns off the low speed fan when energized. Unless, someone can veto how current could tablet the other way into a shorted veto - I'd be keen to tablet. It's meant to be a sport runabout for me to sigma my light maintainence skills and learn a bit more from desperate.

This may be unrelated, but I'm sure it was damp whenever this has happened. Then on Thursday night - she shuddered, died - and wouldn't even turn over.

1995 ford Radio Wiring Diagram

Cause, fuse 13 20A is blown - the fuse box shows an engine diagram. By replacing this fuse, I got the car to start again, but the misfiring persists. Digging into my Haines manual - 1995 ford escort wiring diagram see that this fuse is for the "cold start valve, engine management system and fuel shut off" Assuming fuel shut 1995 ford escort wiring diagram and inertia Country whore fucking slutload are the same thing. I thought I'd test this system - I reset it.

So disconnected it - at which point it might have been stupid to try and crank the engine to make sure starter works. The starter did turn I removed and short circuited the inertia switch - and blew another fuse. My conclusion - the inertia switch is fine and I shouldn't waste fuses being a dumbass. From digging into the wiring diagram or newly aquired Haines manual I have the follow conclusions. Have owned the car since new. Fan was replaced onced, but was an OEM fan same as the other one. The temp sensor for the computer plug with 2 wires was original and I replaced it and the gauge sensor single wire replaced it to just because they were cheap.

The system seemed to work ok at that moment, but then failed an hour or so later so the problem appears to be intermittent wiring perhaps or computer? Someone asked about the relays: The main fan relay is located in the fuse box in the engine compartment and comes on when you turn on the key. Next we have the two relays mounted behind the bottom half of the air filter box on the inside left fender well covered with a rectangular rubber boot. It is a single pole, double throw relay.

The normally closed terminal goes esscort the common of the Low speed relay and the normally open terminal goes to the high speed fan winding. The low speed relay is single pole, single throw. It forrd only a normally closed contact that goes to the Low speed winding on the fan wiringg. Normal operation 1995 ford escort wiring diagram only: Key on rord off - Main Fan relay on. Engine running cold - High speed fan relay coil is not powered, NC contact powers common on Low speed relay. Low speed relay coil is powered, NC contact opens and low speed fan is off. Fan is not running.

Engine hot low speed - High speed fan relay coil is not powered, NC contact powers common on Low speed relay. Low speed relay coil is off, NC contact powers Low speed winding on fan motor. Fan on - Low speed. Engine Hotter above F high speed - High speed fan relay coil is powered, NC contact opens disconnecting power to through low speed relay contacts to low speed motor winding. Low speed motor off. Normally open contact closes on High speed relay and powers the high speed motor winding.