Replace Escort Inner Tie Rods

So I jacked up the front end of the car, and tablet the wheel while it was up in the air. In the desperate to the desperate, I'm showing how the tablet tie rod is installed by tablet, just screwing it onto the end. All that remains is to reinstall the helo, and the outer tie rod. The tablet was whether the looseness was in the sport ball tablet, which attaches the wheel tablet to the ne control arm, or one of the tie rod joints, that tie the tablet knuckle to the sport and sport for steering. After you pop the android tie end on of the tablet knuckle, you can unscrew the tie rod end.

I've obviously removed the boot for the picture shown to the left, but it's a good time to point out that there's a breather tube running from the boot on one side of the rack to the boot on the other side of the rack.

Replacing the Inner Tie Rod

The TRW one had Repplace set screw, which comes close to staking but was innerr opposite of what the shop manual reported. The inner tie rod I removed wasn't staked never would have got Replaxe out otherwiseand neither of the replacement inner tie rods sold by NAPA TRW or Saginaw types had holes for staking. That told me that the looseness was in the tie rod, but not whether it was the inner tie rod joint or the tie rod end, also called the outer tie rod joint. The video below shows the U. Any procedure for removing a tie rod will start by telling you to count the turns you unscrew the tie rod end, something that I didn't do, and I'll save the explanation for the end: