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Eventually, he opened up and it soon became time to click that un-match button. He claimed that his front was an average size of 5.

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Dude Six was my ultimate favourite and did make me laugh out loud, literally. He was very forward to saying his size and was confident to say he was a big Penis size on dating sites inch. Little did I know what he would come out with for his nickname. We asked him to name and shame and he came out with: For the hour I was on it, I had a pretty good run. I matched up with an outstanding 32 people but little did I know how filthy these guys responses would be. After messaging all 32, I managed to get a grand total of 9 responses. What budding year-old student wants to see some year-olds piece? Seems I was a little too open with my script this time.

So with all this limited data I managed to gather, here are are my findings… Apparently the average tinder males penis measures 7. About an inch bigger than an iPhone 6 plus. Just smaller than an iPad mini 2. Turns out I have more inner filth than I expected. Who knew you could get so much information out of people by using pure filth? Most were honest, but I guess two can play at the game. Luckily for me, 23 people declined my offer of sharing their size. Needless to say, I deleted this creepy ass app as quickly as I could.