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But now I want to fuck her again before I leave. My only desire was to make sure she would be willing. I didn't want to be accused of rape.

So Escort x50 passport 8500 asked, "It looks like it's going to be your lucky night gorgeous. I hope you are really horny. I and Bart would love to fuck you into a few more orgasms. Are you okay with that? She gave out a loud sigh, "Yes you can. But I want to climax a lot too. She was sitting up leaning against the back of the couch with her legs still apart and up her body, making her cunt very visible. There is nothing prettier than a woman spread apart with a glistening cunt wanting to be fucked. I unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and said, "Don't worry babe, I know you'll enjoy a lot of pleasure from all of us tonight.

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My cock immediately became drenched with her fluids. In between the music I could hear her verbalizing about how great it felt. The guys even laughed at her oral stimulus and made some nasty comments listening to her pleasurable cries. Then I turned her on all fours. She leaned on her forearms with her head buried in the cushion, as I easily slid back into her wanting hole. She moved her hips back meeting my thrusts half way. Then Bart went over to her and told her to start sucking on his cock because he was next. He pulled her hair forcing her up on her hands, stuck his cock into her mouth, New years sluts she took it like an experienced whore. As she sucked on Bart, I saw Eddy walking over to this guy standing in the shadows.

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He was getting ready to blow his seed again and wanted to do it in her cunt. Hearing his comment she looked up at Eddy, smiled and whispered something. While holding onto Eddy's cock, she turned back at Bart and said something about wanting him to cum in her. He slapped her ass again and she pushed back toward Bart's thrust. It wasn't long before he pushed all the way in, held onto her hips, and tilted his head back looking up. As he grunted unloading his seed into her pussy, he told her that he hoped his seed was the one that takes. When he pulled out, Eddy kept her on all fours and pushed into her cum drenched opening.

As he was enjoying her, that guy we saw when we arrived, asked when it was going to be his turn. Eddy barked that he should just have her suck him off and spew on her face. The guy walked over to her and stuck his cock down her throat. She gagged a little. He kept deep throat her, as her saliva dripped down her chin. I took my phone out, stood to her side and took a flash shot of her on all fours with a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth. When I did Eddy nastily blurted, "What the hell! We don't need any attention this way. Don't fucking do that again. I thought it would be a good memory shot.

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As he did the music stop for a moment and she turned back and said, "Oh god you feel so good in me. I want to feel your sperm in me. You're making me cum again.

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That feels so good! He pulled out, thrust back in a few times as her cunt began to spasm with the orgasm. Then he stopped held her tightly, grunted and we knew New years sluts was blowing his load. Yearw he did he blurted, "Oh yeah babe. It feels fantastic cuming in such a horny slut. Damn I needed that. Slurs he was fucking her he stopped and exclaimed, "Fuck slyts bitch. Move that cute ass and fuck my cock. You know how to really fuck a guy. I love watching that cute ass fucking me. Her lsuts was buried in the couch arm, as he continued his on slaughter.

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