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These findings reflect the sentiments eecort those involved in indoor prostitution in London Whittaker and Hart and New Zealand Plumridge and brothel workers in Nevada Brents Kim ly escort Hausbeck Even though the escoet of violence is lower for those working indoors, indoor workers report that violent incidents and sexual assaults are a com- mon threat Brents and Hausbeck ; Whittaker and Hart Anyone may read the postings on this site. There are no special passwords or requirements for accessing this Internet site but one must become a registered user to post on the site and the site is moderated.

Those in indoor prostitution work in massage parlors, brothels, specific apartments or flats, hotels, and private resi- dences Whittaker and Hart ; Sandersand work as escorts, call girls, masseuses, and independents Sanders Although they may work for an agency, escorts in the UK are usually independent workers who operate in their own homes or rented rooms, or on assignments in hotels or other locations Raphael and Shapiro ; Salamon ; Sanders