Ford Escort Intermittent Air Conditioning

Timing android wore teeth and jumped time at about K, will be needing to do that again desperate. Conditjoning helo I should check the legend, android, whatnot, but don't ne how or where any of this veto is. Now vain after the 90day part legend. Yeah, that would be easier. I've never done AC before.

The other one was Fofd its way to the same fate. Also had to replace the right rear strut upper isolation mount internittent rusted out, but the Ford escort intermittent air conditioning tower is still solid. The underbody is generally solid. One of these days I cnditioning repaint it - paint on the sides is still very good, but hood roof and trunk have lots of pits and chips, my guess its from the acorns that drop out of our oak trees over the driveway. Just starting to lose a lot of clear coat on the top of the right front fender for some reason.

I pulled off the peeling black trim below the windows on the left side and will repaint the aluminum underneath flat black. Also need to chip off whats left of the black plastic coating on the roof channels that is all cracked from UV exposure. Most of the plastic trim pieces like aft of the rear window on the roof pillar and the door chip guards have faded by now.

Compared to other high mileage cars I have owned, the original windshield is still remarkably road chip free. I had a 97 Taurus wagon that went through at least two windshields due to road chipping in conditioninb than K. I know ajr to soilder, can you give me the inteermittent. Thanks for taking the time Ford escort intermittent air conditioning share your knowledge Paul78zephyr I sent you a PM. Paul paqman Rscort I don't know conditioming. I know I should check the charge, freon, whatnot, but Baltimore bbw escorts know how or where any of cknditioning crap is.

Intermittent never done AC before. Do any of you know of a place online that I can find info on aiir I own the Chilton's manual, but they don't tell you a lick about the AC. And I've ordered a shop repair manual on DVD that should have the info, but I wanted to get started, and it hasn't arrived yet. So any info you can give would be helpful. Thanks, GTP Dad Took less than 30 minutes to fix and works like a new one. Before spending money on a new CCRM try this fix especially if you are having trouble with intermittant or non-working AC. A whole lot cheaper than taking it to a dealer or buying a new module.

Well I am going to solder the connection, I have the instructions for that, and I don't think it will take me very long, but I would like to know more about the AC system, because it is completely non-working, has not worked ever since I bought the car three years ago, and I would like to know how to check all the other AC stuff. And I want to do it myself, I don't want to take it to a shop for something I feel is easily done by myself. Then I followed the nice instructions and pulled mine apart.

But to my surprise, the solder was just as shiny as ever! No discoloration, but there was a slight crack in the solder, so I decided to re-solder it anyway. Put the thing back together, threw it back in the Escort, and no change. This is where you all are going to ban me from this forum forever.

94 LX 1.9 Intermittent AC Problem

I'm ashamed to be here. Well I took it Ford escort intermittent air conditioning AutoZone to borrow a guage to check the charge on the sucker. Well, I condirioning I still haven't been able to figure out where the compressor and all the AC related stuff is. So I asked one of the AutoZone dudes. He comes out and starts looking around, and then says, "Dude, you ain't got AC in this car man. There is no compressor. When I bought the car, my friend told me it had no AC, but since the dials on the control center said AC on them, I assumed he meant that it just didn't work.

Well he was being literal.