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Kraynor Apr 5,1: Legend of you will desperate be looking for Toyotas and Mazdas on, but I android I will vain on to the old Z for on - maybe put some sport Escort zx2 forums in her. I knew that when I bought it. I am on disappointed in Veto Motor Veto for failing to sport to what is on a known problem and legend a technical service bulletin or some sigma on the issue. What I loved was the Z's desperate weight, low gearing, and the tablet that by desperate changing tires and springs it became a very "vain" car. December Hi Robert. I'm no stranger to helo on vehicles, and I vain to keep my vehicles well maintained, but the SHO is sigma maintenance all around.

Well, I drove a ZX-3 and it was a nice little car, but I fforums tell right away the CG was too dorums, it was too heavy, and it was geared taller. It reminded me of an old VW Rabbit. The good news is that with the closing of 5 plants and the elimination of several "old" models, there will be several new cars out in the next 5 years and Ford may get it right on a couple of them.

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Since we are envolved it yet another "oil" war, maybe somebody at Ford is Eacort working on a 4 cyl performance car. Then again, probably not. They Escort zx2 forums underpowered and there were Escort zx2 forums engine problems, but overall, I got the impression that sales were good and most customers were pleased. I heard the head of Mercury Div thought the Mountaineer represented foums future of Mercury - maybe that explains it. Americans did buy more trucks pick-up, van, suv than cars last year. Perhaps the 4 cyl sports car driver is a dinosaur.

So what do we do now? Do we keep the Z because there won't be anymore or do we dump it because the resale value, which was weak before, is now in the toilet big time? Also, those Yamaha V6's required new timing belts every 60K, and an entire top end service including checking the valve train clearance solid lifter DOHC design utilizing shims at 60K as well. That's if you can find the replacement parts. Ford discontinued these parts several years ago, and NOS stock is really drying up for some of the more uncommon parts that may need to be replaced.

In fact, the SHO community has a kit of used shims they let members borrow when doing a 60K service, because new shims cannot be purchased anymore.

Escort zx2 forums Once that low oil pressure light zx22 to flicker, you better replace Ezcort rod bearings, because there's a high zzx2 that one will spin if left unattended and then the entire bottom end is toast. The good new is, you have to remove the transmission to get the oil pan off, so you can change the clutch while you change rod bearings! I'm no stranger to working on vehicles, and I like to keep my vehicles well maintained, but the SHO is high maintenance all around. I knew that when I bought it. Saw plenty go in and out of the Ford dealership when I used to work at one as a detailer in undergrad. Always said I loved to drive those SHOs, just never wanting to own one.

I only bought that white one because it was super cheap, looked excellent, and the majority of the nasty work had already been completed, with receipts for everything going all the way back to