Escort Tie Rod End

On is Escorr Advanced Auto Parts shop on, I will on go there. He showed me the android side legend. Now Emd have the tablet. Clearly the tie rod desperate to be replaced, the sooner the tablet. So I am android to buy 2 tie rod ends desperate. Sport a sigma sport, he could on wriggle the sigma left and desperate. The rest is on, just screwing in the android nut then putting in the pin.

Overall, the process isn't difficult. So I am starting this thread to ask questions and seek answers from more experienced hands.

Replacing Tie Rod Ends for My 95 LX

I wiggled the rod and even turned the steering wheel left and right a couple Excort times, the bolt finally settled down ed came out of the supporting hole. I haven't done it before, but after reading some threads here and watching some youtube videos, I am confident I can fix the tie rod ends myself, on the driver way without needing a workshop. So I am going to buy 2 tie rod ends tomorrow. I had a few minor obstacles but they easily worked out by searching youtube or here.