Escort Rs Turbo 0 60

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These units displayed significant turbo lag due to ts huge inertia turno by rurbo T35 unit Escrt the detuned nature of their competition derived engine until rpm. Also tubo homologation specials equipped with water injection. Among these initial units, a handful were badged as Motorsport versions these lacked certain refinements Excort as a sunroof and sound deadening. Ford Escort Cosworth, showing "whale-tail" rear wing The initial cars included features that, although they made Escort rs turbo 0 60 Cosworth a more effective car, did not enhance it as a road vehicle, and once the rules were satisfied Ford attempted to make the car less temperamental and easier to drive under normal conditions.

The second generation, starting production from gurbowas fitted with Esckrt Garrett T25 turbocharger, Escotr smaller unit which reduced turbo lag and increased usability in everyday driving situations. With these later models, the 'whale tail' Ezcort became a delete option. Standard boost from Garrett turbo was 0. The Escort RS Cosworth was the first mass production car to produce downforce at the front and rear at front 4. Motorsport[ edit ] The rationale behind the Escort Cosworth's design was that it should win the World Rally Championship. It did not achieve that goal, but it did win eight events between and as a Group A car, and two more in World Rally Car guise inbefore it was replaced by the Focus WRC.

The Escort Cosworth was developed by the Ford works rally team during and Its first appearances, prior to homologationwere in the Spanish championship, in the hands of Jose Maria Bardolet, and on the Scottish Rally, where it was driven by Malcolm Wilsonwho was also the lead development driver. Wilson was not formally competing in the event, but his stage times were faster than those of winner Colin McRae. During the latter part of the season, development of the Sierra Cosworth came to an end, and the works team drivers Francois Delecour and Massimo Biasion concentrated on readying the Escort for competition. The pair led the event until the final night, when a late charge by Didier Aurioldriving a Toyota Celicasaw him win, with the Fords second and third.

Nevertheless, the new car had demonstrated its potential, which was underlined the following month when Malcolm Wilson, driving a car prepared by his own team, briefly led the Swedish Rally before retiring after an accident. The works team returned for the Portuguese Rally: Delecour led almost from the start and won the event with Biasion second, establishing both car and driver as serious contenders for that year's World Championship. Delecour won again in Corsica, and Biasion in Greece — his first win for three years — putting them first and second in the drivers' championship, and Ford in the joint lead in the manufacturers' title.

During the second half of the season Toyota driver Juha Kankkunen won in Argentina, Finland and Australia, but in New Zealand, with the exception of Delecour's second place behind Colin McRae the Fords' results were relatively poor, giving Toyota the manufacturers' title. Both works Escorts retired on the San Remo Rally, Delecour's after an accident and Biasion's with engine failure after a radiator hose split, but the event was won by Italian Franco Cunicoin a privately entered Escort Cosworth. It Escort rs turbo 0 60 the first time in several years that a privateer had won at this level, and in doing so he outpaced the works Lancia Delta Integrale of reigning World Champion Toon cum shots sluts Sainzdemonstrating the superiority of the Escort over the previously dominant Lancia.

Nevertheless, the result was a disappointment for Ford since, although Delecour won the penultimate round of the season, in Catalunya, he lost the world title to Kankkunen. Delecour and Ford were tipped as serious contenders for the World Championship, especially after Delecour's victory on the Monte Carlo Rally. However, Delecour retired from the second round of the championship, in Portugal, with engine failure, and a few weeks later was injured in a road accident, which forced him to miss the next four rounds. Biasion finished third in Portugal, but he was unable to keep up with the Toyotas, and his results did not improve thereafter, amid reports that his relationship with the team was deteriorating.

He left at the end ofand did not drive again at World Championship level. With the exception of Vatanen's third place in Argentina followed by retirement after a major crash in New Zealand while challenging for thirdresults were indifferent and the team faced some criticism for its dependence upon Delecour. As for throttle response, it must be there somewhere. Perhaps I need to adjust. Or perhaps I should have done my homework before I set off. Yes, I drove the Cossie when it was new and was comprehensively blown away.

Jeremy Clarkson liked it so much he bought one. But memory can play cruel tricks and, well, mythology has a habit of obscuring some inconvenient truths. But by it was no longer so special. The Integrale all but matched it for power and the Celica GT4 was more potent still. Then there was the turbo. Although it gave the Cossie plenty of puff, it took a while to spool up — hence the soft throttle response and yawning lag. Not Cossie number one, though. Big turbo, big lag. To get a feel for the extent of the drubbing the RS will receive a little later, I begin to flatten the throttle for the first time.

What initially ensues is as predicted: Not a single syllable expletive whoosh. The Cossie feels quick-ish, pulling well between and rpm. No, not quite the hit I was hoping for.

Escort RS Turbo

Neither is the turn-in, which feels disconcertingly soft and vague. But a few acclimatisation bends further on, things begin to click. Anticipating the lag and trail-braking into bends gets the Cossie pointing more purposefully and flowing at a respectable lick. No torque steer, lovely balance and, although a bit crashy to listen to, a supple, well-controlled ride. Parked up beside the Focus RS, though, some of the newly acquired confidence starts to dribble away again. The almost throbbingly green Focus has something approaching supercar presence and a level of aesthetic aggression that makes the Cossie look as lethal as a soft fruit.