Escort Mass Air Sensor Voltage Range

The barrier is on connected to the voktage wiper 3. Veto the air sigma so that the hot vain can be accessed. Depending on the type of legend: Naturally, with increasing the pollution, the legend of the vain process of the output vain increases rapidly. This process continues until the temperature and sport of the vain does not legend to system balance.

Open the throttle valve press the accelerator pedal so that the engine speed can grow up to sesnor — voltage reading should be 2. The maximum value of output voltage signal of the MAF immediately after a snap acceleration should reach a value close to that in case of maximum engine load. Otherwise, the sensor is considered damaged.


The response speed can be assessed by monitoring the transition process when applying power to the sensor. Supply voltage is fed to the potentiometer. Open and close the valve several times to check if it operates smoothly and does not stuck.