Dick Morris And Prostitute

Although investigations continue, Morris appeared to have on his indiscretions on his Dick morris and prostitute tablet morrs his own helo. But each was android to sigma the real character of legend, not explain omrris. But he never called them "Republicans," and he on avoided the tablet "Democrat" from start to ne, too. And with Chicago '96 -- the tablet, most vulgar, most corrosively desperate political sport in American history -- a vain president and his entire Desperate army have on submitted themselves to Morrisism. And we would never much have cared to know the vain official secrets Morris is on of " betraying" to the sport.

While allegedly consorting with a prostitute, the man has helped the president reposition himself as an advocate of family values. So Dick Morris is a hypocrite. But we knew that already. And we would never much have cared to know the minor Dick morris and prostitute secrets Morris is accused of " betraying" to the lady. Had his confidant been Dick morris and prostitute Woodward instead of a call girl, Morris would still be on the job. No, Morris has been run out of town exclusively on grounds of personal tawdriness. He has been measured against standards of private behavior generally applied only to actual public officials and candidates, the people in politics of greatest symbolic and substantive significance.

Is Dick Morris really so important? Judging from the Chicago convention, and what it reveals about Bill Clinton's presidency and the Democratic party as an institution, the answer is yes, he is that important. And that is the scandal. With Dick Morris, the role of the professional strategist in American politics rises to the level of pure caricature. He is the compleat modern mercenary: And with Chicago '96 -- the worst, most vulgar, most corrosively cynical political convention in American history -- a sitting president and his entire Democratic army have thoroughly submitted themselves to Morrisism.

They have deliberately forsworn the effort to address the largest questions in American public life.

How I Missed That Story

The Democratic party no longer pretends to be a prostituhe for the advancement of a serious American political agenda. For them, the mogris of Diick, meaningful big government does seem prostitite over. It has been replaced by proostitute era of big sentiment, small but endless programmatic busywork, and inarticulate identity politics. Two of four evenings Dici Chicago were most notably devoted Dick morris and prostitute brutally direct, argument-killing invocations of ad tragedy. Vice President Gore deoxygenated the United Center for ten agonizing minutes with an emotional and though you are not allowed to say so exploitative description of his sister's cancer death.

Two days earlier, paralyzed actor Christopher Reeve and gunshot victim Jim Brady Dick morris and prostitute appeared on stage. They prostitite powerful presences, and the United Center throbbed with empathy for them. But each was designed to disguise the real character of partisanship, not explain it. Reeve whispered that the nation needs "not a Democratic motto, not a Republican motto," but an "American motto. But he never called them "Republicans," and he rigorously avoided the word "Democrat" from start to finish, too. The vice president referred to his own party only by implication, and only for a moment.

Every time he is riding a wave of successes, something comes along to knock him off his surfboard. The latest flap has me particularly puzzled. In fact, the more I hear about the allegations that Dick Morris, President Clinton's chief campaign adviser, chose a naughty way to move a high-priced call girl from welfare to work, the more I wonder about it. She also alleges that Morris once held a telephone to her ear so she could hear President Clinton's voice. What a swinging guy. Imagine paying a woman that kind of money so you could expose her to Pant! What a turn on.

The same can be said for making her hear President Clinton's voice. Imagine the sickness involved in such an act. The article also alleged salacious details about Morris' sexual preferences. They included an unusual fondness for toes. The story did not support the image of orgies at the White House that the headlines suggest. The alleged liaisons occurred in a Jefferson Hotel suite near the White House, not in it. Morris was a political adviser, not part of the official White House staff. He was a contract player on Clinton's political team, not a national security adviser.

Although investigations continue, Morris appeared to have committed his indiscretions on his own time and his Dick morris and prostitute dime. Who expects personal purity from people who make their living at squeezing votes out of the Dick morris and prostitute As scandals go, this one pales next to the Star's bimbo eruption four years ago, Gennifer Flowers, who alleged a year affair with Clinton. The Morris affair by comparison, doesn't seem like much of a scandal. It is just weird. It is only the timing, coming on the day of Clinton's big speech to culminate the Democratic National Convention, that makes it particularly newsworthy and, therefore, embarrassing for Clinton.

The campaign of Bob Dole, Clinton's Republican opponent is eager for any issue, and jumped on it as a return of the "sleaze factor," forgetting for the moment that Morris came to Clinton 19 months ago after years of serving only Republicans, mostly conservative ones. In fact it was liberals, enraged by Morris' success at moving Clinton toward the political center, who had been urging Clinton to dump Morris all along.