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The list does not include private parks such as those in Martin's Landing and other subdivisions. Now, 22 is a respectable number of parks with a diverse range of types totaling over acres. Well, serious about destination parks. Three of the six are adjacent to Hwy 9 and another is adjacent to Holcomb Bridge Rd. For the most part, they don't serve a neighborhood and are actually smaller destination spaces.

What makes it unique is that it is focused on the people that live and work around it while also being useful to all ages. Creative escorts roswell should serve as inspiration for the next generation of parks in Roswell. A well Creativd network escotts public parks supports property values, boosts the local economy, increases social rooswell, improves public health and helps preserve the environment. Beyond the economic case, the quality of life benefits are huge. Simply being able to walk out the front door and stroll to your park is a luxury that is largely lost these days. Most of our parks have few homes fronting them.

Many of them are separated from residential areas by busy street on at least one side. Neighborhood parks have homes and businesses that front the park. People can walk right out into their park. Sloan Street Park is just that kind of park. We need more parks like Sloan Street Park to start completing our neighborhoods. You should check it out.

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But the report said nothing about extraterrestrial beings, Cteative in various accounts of the Roswell crash number between two and eight, dead and sometimes alive. The silence arose because the Air Force found roswelo in the balloon saga to account for the reports of aliens, so it ignored the topic at Creatlve time and only later came Creatige with a detailed and intriguing explanation. The new Roswwll report, titled Creayive Closed,'' was written by Capt. Its pages are designed to go beyond the report by revealing escorys about Federal work in the desert and examining what apparently inspired sightings of wscorts only alien artifacts but of the extraterrestrials themselves.

In Creative escorts roswell it is grim. For instance, it describes the crash of a KCG military plane near Roswell that killed 11 fliers, leaving their bodies badly burned and reeking of fuel. The stench was so foul that identification work at the Roswell air base was moved from the small hospital to the commissary, which had a large refrigerator. The Air Force report suggests that this crash, recalled decades later by a civilian who visited the air base and talked to workers there, prompted his account of small, black, mangled, dead aliens who smelled so bad that their autopsies were moved from the base hospital to a place better suited to the dissections.

Glenn Dennis, has been called the ''star witness'' of the Roswell incident. Dennis is president of the International U. Museum and Research Center, which was founded in in Roswell. The new Air Force report focuses on military work and accidents from to and says many of the claims about extraterrestrials are based on faulty memories and, in fact, are pieced together from military work that took place over many years. The finding of shiny wreckage init says, ''was the first of many unrelated events now collectively known as the 'Roswell Incident. Starting infor instance, balloons rising as high as 19 miles dropped dozens of lifelike dummies to perfect parachutes for pioneering pilots, including those in the X rocket plane and the U-2 spy plane.

The dummies landed all over the New Mexico desert, and several were lost. The report quotes one witness as saying of the Roswell aliens, ''I thought they were plastic dolls. At times this human research was also quite suggestive of aliens.