Cartagena Escort Villa

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Inthe Spanish Crown commissioned the design and construction of the initial fort. Originally named the Castillo de San Lazaro, the first structure built was known as the Bonete, which is a triangular structure at the highest point of the hill. After the infamous siege and attack on the city by the French Baron de Pointis inthe fort was expanded and reinforced by Spanish military engineer Juan de Herrera y Sotomayor during the period to Additional collateral batteries were added to the fort, now named the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, by Spanish engineer Antonio de Arevalo after the siege of the Cartagena escort villa by British admiral Vernon.

All of the original construction of the fortress, as well as the later additions, relied on slave labor. Pierino Gallo Shopping Plaza: This modern shopping mall is located at the Laguito Little Lagoon neighborhood on the Bocagrande peninsula, Cartagena's modern residential, shopping and tourist mecca. Pierino Gallo is the Holy Grail for people searching out high quality Colombian emeralds from the local jewelers. He gives the code word, agreed in advance. Calling for wine to celebrate. The bust is on. Federal police to arrest the five alleged traffickers. Social workers to attend to the girls.

Tim is still playing his part. Who called the cops, man? Demanding to see his lawyer as if he's being arrested, too. For us, a chance to talk to Marcus before he's carted away. Is it worth it? To bring underage girls -- There's no underage girls here. You told him there's a girl that's 14 years old. I lied to them about that. He tells me that owl all of the girls are of legal age. He insists it's all just a misunderstanding. So, were you lying then or now? I was lying because I wanted him to be happy with the girls that I found, okay, but no, I did not -- there's not a single girl here that's underage, I promise you that.

Marcus tells me he has a daughter back in the statements who is How could you do this if you have a daughter that's 15 years old? I don't get it.

I'm not looking for young girls. Do you think this is just a total mistake? It's a total mistake. You know why, sir? I did not look for young girls. Those are the girls that look young, sir. Please, check their I. I promise -- Jimmy: I think they' Reporter: I think they will check more than their I. I hope they do. Out by the pum, the social workers are one by one checking I. Many of the girls are afraid they're being arrested.


This is their livelihoods. For some viloa them, escorh main concern is not to be rescued, but to get paid for a night's work. When they vklla showed up, some of them looked really terrified. I talked to a few of them and asked them how old they were and some were 12, some were Carfagena, most were One of the girls Cartagena escort villa and embraced me and started to cry and villla I started to cry. It's a very -- Reporter: Your heart goes out to them, huh? For these girls, it's a long road ahead. Over the next few days, social services did interviews with the gi girls, their families and the traffickers. In all, 17 of the girls were under This caf seems like it could be a good monger meeting place.

And along the Calle there are more. In the day time, they are in the garden. Sometimes, they move to the streets close by. Not far from Jaiba, in a nearby barrio. Deluxe accommodation, better quality than Jaiba, more expensive, but still very cheap for the service provided: Bars and Discos - Non Pro Only. Some places only open on Weekends. La Luz Disco Club, Carrera 1 ,1st. Piso, Hotel Cartagena Plaza. Hotel El Dorado, DiscoAv. Bar Bareke, Calle 8 Cover 10 k, Beer 8 k. Getsemani - Non Pro Only. Baluma, Calle de Arsenal