Argument Against Single Sex Education

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Unfortunately I live in a Islamic country and you can't find any mixed schools here! Most of boys are too sensitive about girls and most of girls don't like to be with them Mixed are much better Sir Soheil - Jan 4: I prefer mixed schools because if you were in a single sexed school you wouldn't feel comfortable with boys in later life and it seems that people usually learn Argument against single sex education in schools as the head of ofsted says. And most teachers would say boys are more silly in classes than girls so if a teacher had a boys school only then who knows what the teacher would feel like every day after school. But in a mixed school boys are more encouraged to be more sensible by their responsible female classmates which is what most teachers would prefer.

Many thanks for your comments here - you have made some good points. GetTheRightSchool - Dec LittleMissGymnast - Dec 5: I prefer mixed school 4the help and readinessfor feature. God be our helper amen. Wizbrown - Sep This may then hinder their education because they are to scred of what the other gender may think and how they may react. So, I see no reason why we should seperate nature by discriminating the co-habilitation of boys and girls. Yes, there are some terrific boys-only and girls-only public schools out there. But are they great schools because they are single-sex?

Single Sex or Mixed Schools?

Hilary Clinton co-sponsored efucation provision of the No Child Left Behind Act that provided federal funds to fledgling single-sex public schools, spurring local school singls across the country to experiment with sex segregation. A few years later, however, a government-commissioned study noted a lack evidence proving that single-sex education improved student performance. The Bush administration decided to press forward anyway, and in issued guidelines signaling it wouldn't go after single-sex public schools for violating laws against sex discrimination in education. Today, there are nearly 80 single-sex public schools in the U.

Hundreds more schools separate boys and girls during academic instruction, though the campuses are technically coed.

So, how's it going? Supporters point to a few carefully se examples to prove single-sex education raises test scores and boosts students' confidence. But the larger story is the overwhelming number of single-sex public school programs that haven't produced any positive results. Allison published a meta-analysis of existing studies on single-sex instruction. Their exhaustive review found no significant advantage, for boys or girls, over coeducation. The evidence suggests not.