A C Relay For 1996 Escort

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I have to sign off for awhile, but I will check back this evening. Thank you and sorry for the confusion. It seems there is a bit of difference in the 1. I think we're on the right track now with the 1. The one that says fuel inj on mine. And was running the test light on it with switch off then on and I moved the points for the solenoid and then I had power to the green wire. This is a 4 prong plug and all the terminals are dielectric greased very good.

where is the fan relay located on a 1996 ford escort 1.9…

No discoloration of prongs or anything in solenoid fog looks escorr. Do think that relay in the relsy fuse box had the points stuck? Do you think I relayy to buy a new fan A c relay for 1996 escort case the one I currently have is pulling to much juice or is there a way to check the amperage pull on the fan? I have a mac tools multimeter but do not know what to set it on to check it. If it messes up again, I would put a couple of relays on it. I doubt it's the fan itself, especially if it turns easy by hand. But if it was drawing too much, it would blow the fuse pretty quick.

With a good charge and a large heat load on a hot day, the compressor will likely run more or less continuously with a nominal low side pressure of about 35 psi. I just came through a similar problem in my 94 LX where my compressor was not coming on at all even though last fall it worked well with it's original 16 year old Ra charge.

I recommend that before you try to do a recharge, troubleshoot your wiring with a voltmeter and ohmmeter to see if there is a problem like mine lurking under your hood. If you are not familiar with electrical troubleshooting or doing an AC system recharge, recommend you find a knowledgeable friend to help you with it. You will need the chassis wiring schematic from Haynes or Chilton's for your model year to circuit trace your system. These relays are the two mounted on the firewall on the passenger side outboard of the accumulator. The high pressure test connection and the high pressure cutout switch are outboard of the radiator on the driver side near the front of the engine bay.

The lead to the compressor from the WOT relay is blue with a white trace on my The compressor end of the wire terminates in a two pin connector on the lower front of the compressor that also includes the black ground return lead from the compressor to the car body. You will need to unfasten the plastic spray panel between the bumper and the fender under the right side of the engine to get at the connector. Give the bolts holding the plastic shield in place a good shot of WD and let it soak a while before you try to take the bolts out.