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We already have plenty of previous research that points to major biological influences on sexual orientation.

This includes tay gene" studies Xy gay dating have identified the Xq28 marker on the Gag chromosome as associated with datong. Other research has found that among identical twins where one brother is gay the likelihood of the other brother also being gay is much greater than the incidence of homosexuality in hay general population. Research has further revealed differences between gay and non-gay men in physical attributes caused by cating influences in the womb. These include differences in physique, brain structure, finger lengths, penis size gay agy tend to be better endowed than straight menand the datint of puberty on average gay men mature earlier than heterosexual men.

Alamy If sexual attraction is, indeed, significantly fixed prior to birth or soon afterwards, whether by biological or environmental factors, it means bay anti-gay regimes are persecuting lesbian and gay people for a sexual datimg that many or all of them have not chosen and cannot change. As well as being unethical, it is also means that attempts to suppress homosexuality are bound to fail because a certain percentage of every population is always likely to be predisposed to same-sex attraction. It is likely to be multi-causal, including to some degree even if minor cultural factors, such as social mores and expectations.

I wait with baited breath for a full peer-reviewed article" Professor Darren Griffin, University of Kent No one sits down one day and decides to be gay — or straight. Most lesbians and gays say they felt "different" from a very young age, long before they had any awareness of sexual desire. While this suggests that our sexuality is formed unconsciously by early childhood at the latest - and is therefore not a choice - it does not necessarily mean we are all born with a totally pre-fixed sexual orientation. Contrary to the way many people may interpret this study, biological and environmental influences, which I accept, are not the same causes.

They may predispose a person to one sexuality rather than another. Predisposition and determination are two different things. There is a major problem with any theories that posit the biological or environmental programming of sexual orientation from pre- or post birth. Com domain name to a Chinese game developer. Special editions and other publications[ edit ] As well as its regular issues, the magazine has published a series of specials: Two editions of the "Survival Guide" have been produced. They were more serious than usual editions with articles on everything from coming out to age of consent laws to suicide.

The cover was illustrated by Abby Denson. The Photos" contained the best photos from the magazine. This magazine was printed on matte paper and contains erotic but non-pornographic images of young men.

The latest 'gay gene' study gives no comfort to homophobes

Most issues are centered on a different city or state. Website[ edit ] XY operated the website xy. Com was the world's largest social network for young gay men "before Facebook and Grindr, with an estimated[1] members.