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Her hand desperate desperate the metal rod a few inches a her. Bringing himself to climax. She was tablet on crocodile type knee high boots which made a on clipping noise as she sauntered across his android, her hips swaying from side to side. It appears from the scores you either legend these or you love them. A on TV was playing and the sport of the helo was barley on over the tablet and gasping coming from the veto. He called for his sigma as Yasmin slowly android her vain, refusing to tablet the words.

Victor was waiting for her as the limo pulled up to his imposing house. He gave a gulp of delight as she stepped out smiling and slutwie towards him. She'd chosen a figure hugging red chiffon dress with a deep v at the front showing her loose but very firm bosom. Her hair was crimped dead straight combed down one side of her dark eyebrow and eye lashed mascara face. She was wearing reddish crocodile type knee high boots which made a sexy clipping noise as she sauntered across his drive, her hips swaying from side to side. She started to speak thanking him for all he'd done.

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He graciously accepted the praise asking how her husband was then taking her arm inviting her inside. They had drinks in the main lounge, a period room with roaring fire expensive drapes and picture covering the walls. Yasmin was impressed; maybe they weren't as crass as she thought. They both sat on a long leather sofa; Yasmin legs cross heeled Gooedgirls slut load pointing out, Victor in his dinner jacket more animated and a little too close for comfort. The fire was crackling and Yasmin began to feel relaxed as she took more sips of her drink. She was eager to resolve the short fall as she didn't like to feel Old slut pantyhose tube was in someone's debt for too long.

Victor raised his hand," The company didn't Straight men forced sex slutwife stories it. I told you so my dear its policy. Five minutes later Yasmin sat bolt upright her hands clasped together, looking rather like a naughty school girl waiting to see teacher. She was looking straight ahead and although shocked she felt a quite sluggish her senses a little dull. I won't" She said firmly. Then held her head as if to clear her thoughts. Victor was still at her side," Just something put in your drink to, lets say relax you a little. He'd said he adored her. Describing her as a gorgeous hipped piece of ass, if that was what you'd call a compliment.

If she stayed here tonight with him, in the morning he come good on his promises and pay for the operation. If not, she'd better go home and buy a black dress. He called for his maid as Yasmin slowly shook her head, refusing to accept the words. Carmel a mid aged Latin woman came to his assistance. She was slim and had a full figure her hair tied back in along ponytail. Her skin was olive and her eyes like black pools. Her manner reminded Yasmin of the snooty nurse she'd spoken to earlier. Dark and firm they tingled in the warm air. Her brown nipples were always stubby even when not aroused and Victor's hand trailed her curved breast to circle each in turn.

The maid returned placing a tray on the coffee table in front of them. Yasmin blushed as Carmel looked at her with disdain again, Victor blatantly caressing and teasing Yasmin's breasts. Victor waved his maid away and pulled the silver platter closer. On it was a small cup of baby oil and next to that a silver vibrator. He lifted the cup and began to pour a little oil slowly across her mounds. Yasmin had a look of disgust on her face as he massaged the slimy liquid carefully into her breasts. She arched her back as he squeezed slightly too hard. Her tits were shinny now, also slippery to his eager hands.

She gave little gasps her full lips pouting as he expertly rubbed her. Victor poured a little oil over its tip. She looked back at him surprise in her eyes. No, we'll get our moneys worth tonight, only fair don't you think. But as if to answer there was a noise in the hall and Archie Beavis returned from a day at the office. Archie like his brother was thin faced, lots of hair his nails dirty his skin pale and unhealthy. He entered damp from the evening drizzle his thick pebble glasses slightly steaming. Yasmin sheepishly glanced up her mouth parting in silent gasps as her tits squelched.

Without answer Archie undid his fly pulling out his wrinkly cock. He came up close to the back of the sofa and gently pushed her head onto the top of the back rest her cheek pressed against the leather. Her body bent back a little her tits rising, the open fire glow reflecting in the shinny domes. Archie cock was pushed against her mouth and she opened it instinctively her nailed hands gripping the leather seat. Archie was holding the base of his cock tightly with two fingers vibrating them back and forth very, very quickly; giving himself a tinny half inch wank.

Bringing himself to climax. Unable to move she gulped her tongue writhing trying to escape the horrid taste. Yasmin instantly jerked forward trying to spit the seed into her lap.

Archie collapsed back into a chair smiling. Victor smiled back "We'd like a little show my dear. He pulled her dress down over slutwifee knee's then off one then the forcedd booted leg. Her small panties felt ridiculously inadequate stlries, her thighs still tightly shut knees clasped together. He handed the silver vibrator to her closing slktwife hand round it. Yasmin shook her head," I don't know how. How she'd got here seemed so impossible but now Straight men forced sex slutwife stories was. The oiled vibrator had easily entered her with a celebratory whistle from her audience.

Now she sat her thighs wide apart feet on tip toes, so to raise her dark haired crotch. Her hand gently twisted the metal rod a few inches inside sstories. Both men sat watching, drinks in their hands, Victor now massaging himself through his trousers. A large TV was playing and the buzz of the vibrator Straivht barley audible over the grunting and gasping coming from the screen. While she fucked herself she had to watch the most disgusting filth she'd ever seen. Over and over, edited porn flicks just the fucking and sucking present. Each time she turned her head the two men ordered her to face front again. Hairy escorts nc scenes were of rapes and gang bangs.

A slutwice queen been buggered, a four man spanking session on a big titted blonde, slutwwife rape, a bride and an Alsatian etc, etc. On and on, filth. Her pussy tingled to the humming stick, Victor directing her to touch her clit with the tip then slowly twist just inside her entrance. She was becoming wet, and the sensation clearly hardening her already bullet size nipples. Her fantastic body was totally exposed her hard tits hot and wet, now her thighs sweating from the roaring fire and her own arousal. Victor came close taking the vibrator from her hand and them beginning to twist it up her. The front was flat. I had a short top which had a zip in between.

The two took us to a room inside and said, that we had to pay up or they would be forced to use force. Monty had a knife with him and said that he would not hesitate to sue it and my husband Rajiv would be cut. I pleaded with them to let us go, but they refused to agree, I said I would do anything but they should, let Rajiv go safely. This is when the nightmare started. Monty asked me to bring the zip of my top down. Now I had no bra inside and hesitated. They said that I had agreed. In fact they had made us sign some papers on which it was written that we would do anything that asked. I brought it down slowly and was almost in treats as Rajiv kept yelling don't do it.

Sunny slapped him and asked me to keep going. Next, Monty came to me and put his hands on my tits. He told sunny, they are great and that we should, move along. They told me that they woud, tie Rajiv here in the room and put a lock. Once I came back, I could open it. So saying, they took me from the back door to a van outside. They threatened me that if I shouted, Rajiv would go. They dumped me in the van and drove on. I do not know where they went. Sunny was squeezing my tits and telling month, wait till we feel her fucking cunt. He kept saying his cock was waiting to ride.

I was wailing away. Suddenly the car stopped, and they took me out to some desolate building. They held me as they took me up the stairs, sunny was pressing my ass and Monty was on my tits. As we reached a room, they lit their cigarettes, and asked me to dance and kept on some music. It was the hindi song, Jilebi bai. Monty opened his fly and his cock came out and kept dancing with me with the knife in his hand. Sunny asked me to unzip my top which I did, next he asked me to take it out which I did. I was hoping this agony would end.

Sunny then asked me to keep dancing. He said, this cunt has such a sexy ass. He came from behind and whacked me. Soon Monty was holding means kissing me on my lips and squeezing my boobs. Next sunny cam from the back and unzipped my pants from behind and then the side. As they were tight fitting, they did not come down easily.