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The New Alone

You can say Single orphan adults alone again. His death was devastating for all of us, but my immense grief, which stretched through my teenage years and into my 20s, was made all the more lonely and isolating because almost no one around me -- friends, teachers, many members of my extended family -- recognized that I'd lost anyone of importance at all. The grown children of divorce in our study were far less likely to report that they had gone to either or both parents for comfort when they were younger. Shared grief offers comfort and can draw remaining members of the family into a new kind of closeness.

Tirado had separated from his wife three years earlier, so for his children, their uncle said, his death was like "losing their father twice. But most scholars and the public still give scant attention to the loss of other parent figures or to the deeply complicating, long-lasting effects of family fragmentation. Most of the to year-olds in our study still had relatively young parents, but some had already confronted the illness and death of one or the other of their divorced parents.