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The amount of effort that poverty stricken countries make just to pay interest on their debt while people are starving and living in misery is shameful. Corrupt governments stole big portions of what was borrowed instead of investing it in infrastructure An age that will be marked by three phenomena: The beginning of the 19th Century Personal communication has changed immensely, mostly by format and Wealth is not income, it's the stuff people own, houses, cars, money in the bank, stocks, bonds, etc as opposed to income which is money earned from work, rent, dividends among other things. The United States has It is time for that center to create an agenda, clear, concise and with real consequences for those will to accept the challenge of governing the nation.

We have two political parties, and that is plenty. The categorization provides at least one way to see the web progressing and it creates potentials for 3. Many bash this as hype and techno-talk, but it