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Returning Midland spankee 16 March She is android, funny, Professiional - with a desperate spankable bum. As you tablet I came into sessioning on on in life and desperate on was a bit on to say the least. Chemistry is intoxicating, tablet is exhilorating but when the two sport the result is vain.

I have to tell you that Sammy is a very attractive young lady with a fabulous figure and lovely bottom that just begs to be spanked. She takes a hard spanking with a large choice of implements and compliments you if you are doing it to her satisfaction. I shall certainly want to have more from the wonderful Sammy. Mac from Edinburgh First meeting with Sammy. I was finally able to meet up with Sammy after a number of rearrangements due to changes in my travel plans. This was my first physical hands-on experience of bdsm and Sammy immediately put Blonde miami escorts at ease given I was quite Professional escort spankee.

We had a great time working through many of the implements that were available from hand-spanking to paddles and floggers. Sammy is very submissive and can take a very hard spanking and flogging while clearly enjoying the experience! I had a short role play pre-arranged and Sammy played along with this fantastically well and had clearly done some preparation for my Professional escort spankee. I would recommend Sammy highly and will be aiming to meet up next time I am down in London. If you spend time with Sammy you will not regret it. As always Sammy is just great to be with see you soon. From Nicholas, Cheshire I recently had the pleasure of meeting Sammy for the first time and I have to say what a wonderful time we had.

I made the booking rather late but Sammy handled it in a most professional way and to my delight was able to meet me as I had requested. I had asked for a switch session and after introductions we exchanged our limits then started with me as bottom. I will admit to being a little nervous not having seen Sammy before but she quickly put me at my ease and agreed how the session would progress. Sammy took full control and ensured I did exactly as I was told. She watched carefully and read me to perfection demonstrating complete respect for my limits whilst pushing them as far as she felt she could.

About halfway through our session we changed roles and Sammy turned into the most delightful sub you could wish. The role-play flowed, Sammy is a natural at it, and she took all that I demanded without demur and question. From my experience she was more than able to cope with my efforts and I am sure that I did not get near to her limits — not that I would want to anyway! Sammy is one of the most delightful ladies it has been my pleasure to meet and session with. Sammy not only looks great, she also has a brilliant personality. Sammy knows how to make a session special and ensured I thoroughly enjoyed myself. To everyone meeting Sammy I say treat this wonderful lady with respect, play your part well and professionally and you will leave with a huge smile on your face — I did.

I am now looking forward to another session with Sammy and to try something different! Wizdom, London W1 Sammy is a really great sub with the perfect petite body. We have had fantastic scenes and she has stayed in character throughout. Just tell her what you want and she will give it. I cannot recommend her too highly. John, Europe Sammy plays the role to perfection, and genuinely enjoys submissive activities; a great time was had! I had a fantastic time with her. She was VERY fun to play with. She accommodated all of my requests. We had a great role-play and both of us were very satisfied when we were done.

I would HIGHLY recommend her except maybe I shouldn't do so - as if she became even more popular, perhaps she wouldn't have time to play with me anymore!

She was absolutely marvelous and a wonderful lady indeed!! She was the spankse sub, she was very obedient, took any punishment extremely well and enjoyed it too. She was a good Domme when the time came for her to switch roles - might ask her to slap my face and Profeszional a Professionnal more next time lol. I will definitely go back for Profesional. Just to say a huge thanks, it was an absolute treat! PAUL, Ireland Seldon Profexsional you meet any ladies who advertise being submissive are they truly submissive. Sammy is smoking hot, sexy as hell, sinfully put spanlee and delightfully submissive.

Chemistry is intoxicating, confidence is exhilorating but when the Professional escort spankee collide the result is astonishing. Sammy for me had both in Professional escort spankee. The range of impliments provided and duely used was excellent. The attention to detail in the role play and the outfit worn Professionxl amazing. Her ability and enthusiasim to accept punishment is seductive in itself Profezsional paralelled only by her ability to serve your every Professiojal in the aftermath. If you are reading this you are courious about meeting Sammy, treat her well spankkee she is a gem, treat her well and she will astound you, treat her well and she will captivate Professionxl.

She was an escotr good spankee. Arrrangements for our meeting were handled Professiona, professionally over Profezsional - very clear what was included and what Sammy's limits would be. She arrived on time at my hotel dressed exactly as I had asked in a perfect Versace suit, heels etc. She participated in the role play with energy and imagination and took her punishments adminarably. I used hand, ruler and belt on Sammy and my impression was that I did not even approach her CP limits. During my next training session we agreed I should apply the cane and crop.

She has am immensely spankable bottom, great figure, receives punishment demurely without excessive fuss, writhing and yelping and follows instructions with great obedience. She clearly enjoyed the session and since she took her trraining so delightfully I rewarded her in the way a good master should, for which she was very thankful. All in all a fantastically erotic time and I would not hesitate to recommend Sammy to anyone. GEOFERRY, Chiswick A beautiful, lithe, intelligent, friendly woman who is both deliciously submissive and a warm and caring companion is not easy to find, but having reached Sammy's website you are lucky enough to have found a real jewel.

She enjoys what she does and does it superbly, and in the several years I have known her I have never been disappointed by a session with her. Sammy can take a lot of punishment and retain all her charm and enthusiasm. Also, these are people who do feel pain so the limits they set on how hard and with what they can be spanked must be respected. Again their limits must be respected. Normally, escorts only allow mild spanking. Obviously, some spankees may also offer sexual services and some escorts can take a firm spanking, but this should never be assumed. This site is about fun spanking, which is smacking someone on the bottom either with the hand or other implements.

We do not condone severe and brutal spanking that could result in temporary or permanent injury. Also, even these fun spankings must be fully consented to by the recipient. Feedback To provide feedback, please e-mail me at GirlsTutor aol. However, I receive much spam mail so please put the words Spankeefinder in the subject line of your e-mail so I don't delete it unread. I am particularly keen to hear from ladies who offer spanking services and to include them in the listing. Note that this is a fast-changing scene and links disappear quickly. If you spot a broken link, please let me know. Listing on this site is absolutely free but a reciprocal link is appreciated Notice This site is about fun spanking between consenting adults.

Any references to 'girls' or 'schoolgirls' refer to adult females acting out those roles.

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In Professional escort spankee way spqnkee I spankew anyone associated with this site condone real corporal punishment or activities involving children. Recent Update History Note that this is the history of recent new listings. A few new girls quickly decide it is not for them and ask to be removed. Their listing is removed from the Spankee or Escort page but the following historical listing is not amended. Midland spankee added 20 March London spankee added 19 March