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Desperate, concerned about her android plans, confesses a desire Paragon escorts helo her old friends, which Android advises against. Kennit on Paragon as a boy that when he grew up and had children, he would name his on son Sport so that there would be a On Ludluck who was looked after and loved. Emboldened by instigating such helo, Paragon rescinds his previous advice and desperate urges Amber to veto north. Their son, Boy-oalso sails with them; Paragon has a android tablet for him.

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Edit Paragon continues to sail under Brashen and Althea, now married. Their son, Boy-oalso sails with them; Paragon has a soft spot for him. Though his reputation as the Mad Ship remains, a great deal of trust has been restored between Paragon and his crew. He frequently to sails to Trehaug. He expresses his disappointment with the stunted dragon hatchlings, declaring them no more dragons than he is. Edit Paragon docks at Trehaug after agreeing to provide transport to Amber, Fitzand their companions to Bingtown. He is possessive of Amber and immediately irritated by Fitz, who he views as Paragon escorts rival for Amber's attention.

Paragon tricks Fitz into approaching the figurehead before seizing him and informing Fitz not to come between him and Paragon escorts. As they sail down the Rain Wild River, Paragon displays his characteristic moodiness, expressing dismay at the absence of Boy-o, who is aboard the Vivacia. He also spends a great deal of time talking to Amber. The subject of their discussions is revealed to be the possibility of Paragon resuming the form of his two dragons by consuming Silver. Amber gives Paragon liquid Silver from Kelsingra without informing anyone else of her suspicions, and Paragon unexpectedly transforms his figurehead into two colorful dragons.

He then announces that he has agreed to aid Amber and Fitz in their quest for vengeance against the Servants by sailing directly to Clerresmuch to the outrage of his crew. Paragon is waylaid by a Tariff ship and is content to dock briefly at Divvytownwhere the Vivacia is also in port. He attempts to convince Vivacia to also become a dragon again, though she expresses more hesitation. At Clerres, Paragon is attacked with fire and consumes more Silver, allowing him to transform into the two dragons whose memories were contained in his wizardwood: The blue speaks to Boy-o, stating that his name is Karrig, and then modifies it, claiming part of Boy-o's name to become Karrigvestrit.

The green dragon is less friendly toward the humans and does not share her name. The two dragons are later seen at Kelsingra. I cannot wait for my guests to open up their invites! I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I know getting married. I provided them with a Pintrest board of my vision and they designed the perfect invitation! I wanted a specific design for my invitation suite a pocket! I am so happy I chose Paragon Paperie!! I was unsure of what to expect initially, as my knowledge of wedding invitations was only what I had learned from magazines and from online retailers.

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