Mk1 Escort Rally Cars

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During this period BDAs in works cars went from being cc and larger with a steel block to having a Brian Hart developed alloy-block of cc capacity by mid, whilst progressive modifications saw the power output Mk1 escort rally cars to bhp. The rears also have internal hydraulic bump stops. However, the aging TC motor having only 8-valves and the potential of up to bhp were soon thought insufficient to stay ahead of the competition on the circuits and rally stages, so alternative power units such as the 2. For example, pump fuel for the road and race fuel for stage, or as a backup for a bad fuel fill common problem in Africa.

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Gearbox We did a couple of local events in a hire car before we completed our Safari, and we realised the ultimate gear gally would be a low first, close ratio and an overdriven 5 for the big road sections. I even went up there for a day to learn how to rebuild the units in the bush if it was needed during the rally. Today, this famous motor car is very much just as it crossed the Safari finish line with Boreham-specification cc steel-blocked BDA engine rebuilt in DecemberZF 5-speed gearbox and Atlas axle all still present.