Military Escort Procedures

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We attend the funeral as invited guests of the family. The staging squad handles the line-up of the motorcycle flag honor guard columns at the staging areas, and directs the flag lines at the funeral services. Road guards help lead the processions to the funeral sites and help control traffic. Volunteers drive the flag truck and haul water and snacks for the flag line participants. The flag truck driver transports the 10 foot poles with the 3 by 5 foot American Slutty cum girl. The Chaplain offers prayers at the staging area and on request elsewhere during missions.

Contact the family and the military Casualty Assistance Officer. Contact Law Enforcement Officers and funeral directors. Perform a recon mission to scout the church and cemetery Military escort procedures funeral date. Choose appropriate staging areas that provide fuel, food, and restroom services. Obtain permission from the staging area owners for The Patriot Guard to use the site. Work with LEO to choose a safe procession route. If requested, arrange and provide escort from airport to funeral home. Arrange for flag line participation for funeral home visitation. Plan for line-up at the funeral site no less than 1. Arrange for flag truck to transport flags to cemetery after funeral service starts.

Mission Staging Area All participants must arrive at the designated final staging area prior to the mission briefing. During the briefing the procedures will be explained. Staging Squad will direct participants to the correct parking area. Motorcycles — two-wheel and three-wheel — will be lined up in columns of two. Motorcycles with flagpoles will be placed at the front. Motorcycles without flagpoles will be placed in the middle. Three-wheel trikes follow the two-wheel motorcycles. Automobiles will bring up the rear. I don't mean fighter plane escorts on emergency flights.

I mean the experience airline employees have has when they have a Military escort taking a body to his home. I've written down some of my experiences as an agent. I'd like to hear some experiences from other carriers agents. What about at hubs? What in-flight experiences have flight attendants had and Pilots? I wrote a short essay about it just to keep some memories fresh. It needs polishing as well so please forgive: We sit down to the afternoon briefing at eleven AM.

The agents are in various states of preparation, men with ties half off, women applying Militqry. They listen with a vague disinterest. They make a mental note of their positions for the day. Sad nods come from the agents who will be working that flight, and understanding. This is Philadelphia International Airport.

As the closest commercial airport to the Military Morgue at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, it is the Military escort procedures point for all Military escorts and the bodies of soldiers going home for the last time. The airlines give radio call signs to situations like this. Considering it unprofessional to announce a casket being loaded Military escort procedures the plane over the radio network, my prrocedures called them N The agents working the flight prcoedures hard to get a good seat for the escort. His task is a difficult one. Most times the escort is a soldier on a burial detail.

He's done this a couple of times. His task is to never leave the body unattended. But he must when the van drops the casket off at the freight side of the airport Cargo City. The Escort is driven over to the terminal to check in. Sometimes it's a buddy, pulled off the front line by the last request of the deceased to take him home. Sometimes it's a brother. These last are confused. Grieving themselves they fall back on training. They are uncomfortable leaving the casket when they were told to stay with it. They are confused by their task, so unfamiliar to them. They are traveling in full uniform, which the military discourages at any other time.

The agents have seen this enough times. A military uniform can mean only one thing.