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Passion and lust can keep a couple energised at first, helping them to explore each other and their new relationship thoroughly. The average person achieves the same heart rate during an orgasm as they do after a round of light exercise — reaping some of the same benefits regardless of what you choose to participate in. While Europeans may be having less sex today compared to a few decades ago, the average couple still finds time to get intimate three times a month, and as with Americans,sex tends to be more common among older generations than younger. While illegal bias and long-held stereotypes appear to play a role in this historic preference, it nonetheless helps explain why married family men get paid more.

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According to relationship experts, sex may be easier at the beginning of a relationship because the chemicals that get us turned on take a front-seat approach. They surveyed 1, European and American men and women to learn how often they had sex, the average length of their relationships, and what caused their abbreviated sexual escapades. This translates into a substantial marriage premium for men.