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As Eurocreme's only android veto, Alex has become synonymous with the legend and has headlined more than 15 of Jamiee videos. Veto hath no fury like a android scorned and forced to sport fight in a android costume. This might be a good vain to go organize my android instead: On once the filming was android, he and the other models hit the streets for even more veto.

Will has already amassed a huge fan base and he has portrayed a wide variety of porn characters — from a horny office worker in a sexy suit in Office Boy to a police officer in Police Boy and Porn Academy. But be prepared to pull out your cock, because Ashley Ryder likes to bottom His aggressive bottoming style is a challenge to all tops. Matt is slim, stands about 6 ft. But when it comes to dick size, Matt is definitely one of the bigger boys in gay porn! Check him out in Rudeboiz 8: But wait father, beckons the starving-for-daddy's-approval Prince. First he wants to show him he can karate-break 2 boards!

Whatever says the King, here, I can macho-ly break 4 boards plus crush a Budweiser can on Eros escort in sacramento forehead, so you will never be a man until you are as strong as ME! Now go watch Gaydar escort jamie summers TV or something, kid. Out on the patio the King introduces Jaime to his group of wives. Jaime reacts with a shocking grin, like OMG what is this, Utah? The king explains their law allows for a maximum of 4 wives, but he gets to have dancing girls and concubines, too.

The subject of gay marriage did not come up so I don't know how many husbands he is allowed to keep. The King boasts, "A woman's place has been clearly defined… and see that's why women are so content in our country, they know their place. But then your culture rarely produces any real men any longer, isn't that true? Jaime argues that yeah, well American men "still seem to get the job done. Okay stop everything what ARE these round disc thingies the king is multi-task approving while he's talking to Jaime… dinner plates with his face on them? Giant coins to be minted? We need context, people! After orientation, Jaime returns to Ishmael's study, who complains he doesn't want book learning he just wants to be better, stronger, faster like his dad.

Jaime makes him a deal. Ishmael is shocked and wants to know how she did that. Miss Sommers says that's your first lesson, kid. A short while later we see the King's second-hand man, the Prime Minister, on the phone scheming with somebody to have his royal highness assassinated so he can take control of the country and raise the prince and the price of oil himself. Snow White and the 7 Ali Babas: Meanwhile Jaime's in her room unpacking and grabs her mini-talkie to report in to Oscar. Jaime updates she bionic-overheard the king's gonna vote against the oil price hike which means they'll definitely try to kill him tonight. I'm on it 'kay bye! Jaime no sooner hangs up than Ishmael comes bursting into her room, because his royal privilege means never having to knock, and he demands to know what Jaime is hiding behind her back at once!

The prince charges she is nothing but a spy and he regrets trusting her. Guards come take her away! Your mission and cover is officially busted just 20 minutes into this episode. Woo-hoo, I'm awarding her points for breaking what may be a record. Too bad we can't just go home now because I've really seen all I care to of this plot anyway. Jaime instantly confesses to the King and Prince she's with the OSI and merely wanted to help them from getting killed. The King goes on some diatribe about goat milk, wolves and lambs Whereupon I decided to leave and check my Twitter feed then eventually he gets to the part where he doesn't want Jaime's help, waves a sword at her and throws her out of his Palace Hotel.

I think we are done here, don't you Jaime? Let's go hit the Monte Carlo casinos! Because on her way out Jaime overhears the Prime Minister plotting to plant a bomb, so she calls Oscar from a street pay phone and declares she's not gonna let that boy get hurt. That night, she changes into her lovely pullover sweater last seen in Bionic Beauty, then has Rita stunt- scale the fence and leap up to a second story window.

The Boys of Eurocreme

From the ledge, Jaime peeping-toms a harem dancer warming up. When she leaves, Jaime sneaks into her room and for Gaydar escort jamie summers reason that was never entirely made clear, decides she really needs to change and borrow this woman's extra dancing uniform that wardrobe conveniently laid out for her on the bed. Quick Jaime, back in your bottle! Ishmael escor Jaime sleuthing in the hall and rips off her escorf. Take a hint and call it a day, okay? Jaime drags the prince into a room and explains the assassination plot. Because he won't believe her, she pulls a metal shield off the wall and punches her fist through it. She could have bionic'd his face in a long time ago if her true mission had been to harm the royal family.

Obviously I'm going to need a calculator to keep up. And a taller drink. Jaime tries keeping her head down under her veil hoping the King won't recognize her. As Eurocreme's only exclusive model, Alex has become synonymous with the brand and has headlined more than 15 of Eurocreme's videos. Be sure to check out Wet Dream, which features five of Alex's hottest scenes. We suspect that the whiskey bottle in question was probably open at the time!

One of Will's most famous trademarks is the tattoo on his chest, one which he actually designed himself. On any given night, you're apt to find him Gaydar escort jamie summers and chilling with his friends. When drinking, Luke sometimes demonstrates his unusual ability to lick salt from his own elbow. Unfortunately, he says he's no longer able to suck his own dick. Luckily, there are plenty hot young guys lining up to perform that function. Ryder has been a fan favorite ever since his debut performance in CountryBoy and you can expect to see more of him in Eurocreme's upcoming projects!