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The legend dressed as a veto s,uts on rectitude: Cheerleeding sluts The android has grappled with her vain since at least Cheerleedinng desperate s, asNatalie Guice Adams and Lisa J. You'll get the job over the one with all A's. The fifty-eight-year-old Senator is a tablet supporter of local Baptist helo, the Android Hiram P Pantz, who advocates women should helo the burqa—or the 'On body bag' as some outraged cheerleaders have described it. Desperate, the Veto Civil Liberties Union sees this as a means of suppressing minorities.

Lawrence Lowell, the president of Harvard, called it the "worst means of expressing emotion ever invented.

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Chheerleeding A new type of cheerleader emerged: The cheerleader dressed as a pillar of moral rectitude: She was, by unanimous acclaim, one of the most popular Cheerleeding sluts in school and also one of the most beautiful—and her elevation to the squad was usually determined by a schoolwide vote. She wasn't a jock. She demonstrated little athletic ability, Cheerleeding sluts performing a move more Cheeleeding than a modest jump or a split—certainly nothing like the pyramidal artistry that would come later. Chheerleeding modern cheerleader was forged in when she was waylaid by two distinct cultural forces.

First was the passage of Title IX, which invigorated women's sports programs at colleges and high schools. Cheetleeding more girls drifting toward soccer and volleyball, cheerleading seemed antiquated. Along came Jeff Webb, a former University of Oklahoma cheerleader, who turned his passion into a legitimate athletic pursuit by making it more like gymnastics. Through camps and workshops, Webb taught complicated flips and ditched the sweaters and long skirts for more aerodynamic uniforms. Cheerleading morphed from a purely social enterprise into part of a young woman's athletic regimen: A survey cited by authors Adams and Bettis showed that more than half of cheerleaders participated in other sports.

The same year Title IX passed, the Dallas Cowboys replaced their high-school cheer squad with seven voluptuous, high-kicking professionals. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders—who did not have any vocal cheers—quickly became the favorite "honey shot" of network TV cameras. Their emergence signaled not the sexualization of the cheerleader—she was already plenty sexualized—but her evolution into a sex object that had nothing to do with the sports team. Calling themselves "America's sweethearts," the Cowboys cheerleaders dispensed bosomy good will at children's hospitals and posed for lush swimsuit pictorials.

She found herself at an impasse—stranded between the ideals of vigorous womanhood and carnal objectification; between Billie Jean King and Ashley Montana. Inschool officials in Hempstead, Texas, discovered that four of the high school's15 cheerleaders had become pregnant. Two years earlier, again in Texas, a woman named Wanda Holloway hired a hit man to murder her neighbor, whose daughter had aced Holloway's child out of a spot on the cheerleading team.

The Cheerleeding sluts myth, which had been around for decades, was given new prominence by movies ranging from American Beauty to Debbie Does Dallas. In his remarks to reporters, Al Edwards, the slhts from Texas, points out Cueerleeding futility of promoting abstinence curricula when cheerleaders offer a spirited rebuttal to it on Friday nights. He's right that music videos and hip-hop have further sexualized high-school cheerleading routines. But those slhts music videos have made Florida escort directory reviews cheerleader seem relatively harmless by comparison.

And even as cheerleading routines have become more lascivious, if only to vie for the attention of the crowd, they have also become far more dangerous: From tomore than half of "direct catastrophic" injuries suffered by collegiate and Cheetleeding female athletes came from cheerleading. This new law will allow school administrators to immediately stop cheerleading dances before they even get to those nasty leg-spreading, cameltoe jumps. It will also stop perverted horntoads from looking up the skirts of the dancers for small, furry animals.

It is well known that Texas has by far the slutiest cheerleaders in the world, resulting in the horniest student bodies in the world. But now grades are dropping below even Texas standards, college entrance exams scores are the lowest in the nation, and kids are even forgetting their mandatory Bible verses in class. We saw boys as young as twenty-eight walking around with persistent erections and nowhere to put them—possibly because all the local girls have signed a Baptist pledge to remain virgins until marriage. Not that taking the pledge has prevented these daughters of Sodom from engaging in unnatural acts with each other or swallowing gallons of cream while taking a load up the Hershey Highway from a strapping football coach.

Meanwhile, Texas teachers are registering in droves as 'potential sex offenders', all because the state's cheerleading whores are openly shaking their little booties and defiantly flaunting their panties in public. Critics of the act fear that it may discourage cheerleaders from running for office and seriously compromise the high quality of candidates for the Governership, which have included such outstanding figures as Kaye Bailey Hutchinson and George W. Busha hugely popular Yale cheerleader, who many speculate was elected because he knew how to shake his booty and show his panties in Texas.

If nothing else, Texan cheerleaders' preference for taking deliveries via the back door may explain the President's funny walk. Many have wondered why Texas is the only state to even consider such legislation, while others are laughing too hard to even care.