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After business school, prepare to make some real money. At the top of the investment-banking heap are the mergers-and-acquisitions specialists. Last year, even these elite ranks were fending off raids from dot-coms. There are two types of equity analysts: Portfolio managers aren't as glamorous -- or as highly paid. Traders run the gamut from the old-style, hairy-chested, towel-snapping, alpha-male cardiac cases to the egghead gnomes of Long-Term Capital who almost brought down the world financial system. Stereotypes aside, it's a high-anxiety job, with concomitant high burnout rate. The entry points vary: Some sign on with a small shop and start off as a runner.

Others apply for one of the coveted training programs run by firms like Merrill or Goldman. Traders get a percentage of the profits they make trading other people's money, often 18 to 25 percent.

Beverly hills nannies escort adult

And their bosses make even more. At that rate, who wouldn't want to burn Beverly hills nannies escort adult young -- and enjoy a very long retirement? Escorts What's love got to do with it? Perhaps it's only on The West Beverly hills nannies escort adult that women work their way through law school turning tricks. And who's the judge? In all cases, the john picks up the tab for the room -- or dungeon space. Public appearances cost more than just doing the deed. The sex industry may be booming, but in New York, lap dancing is in decline. It's not popular anymore. The Web Your pay performance is site-specific Suffice it to say that the so-called upside to working in the Internet sector isn't what it used to be.

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