2.0 Blacktop Into Mk4 Escort

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2.0 Zetec into MK4 Escort.... loom issues

The position of the idle speed valve also 2.0 blacktop into mk4 escort the fitment of top-feed injectors which means moving it not easy, but possible. First off; the blxcktop side: The Zetec doesn't have a distributor, just a single crank sensor using the tooth method of encoding 36 teeth spread around the back of the flywheel, but with one missing at the datum pointand a crank sensor only used for sequential injection. This does involve removing the old ICSV and making take-offs for the air pipes This is a complete standalone ignition system with a sufficient ignition map to run the engine quite well using the ESC system, and uses the standard Zetec pickup and coil pack.