1995 Ford Escort Review

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The early cars Escort agency perth criticised roundly 195 their dull handling, flexing bodies and 1995 ford escort review seats. Ford, to their credit, quickly set to work to put the early problems right. In frod, the superb 2. A few months later in earlythe widely praised 16v Zeta engine arrived in 1. The summer saw the launch of the superb RS Cosworth 4x4, originally developed for the rally circuit. At the same time AugustFord decided it was time for a facelift which didn't affect the Cosworth. This fodr fact was more than that. The whole body was stiffened and strengthened and to display the fact, minor bodywork changes were incorporated.

These included a new corporate 'smiling' oval front grille and minor changes to the tail lamps. Airbags by now were standard fare. More recently, saw the introduction of a substantially improved range, incorporating further body strengthening measures and a new bonnet and grille. They could not be engineered easily to meet strict new European emission laws. The Cabriolet range - specifications for which had been changed frequently - was also revised again, now to two models - the Calypso and the Ghia; both 1. They were deleted early in When the new Focus range was launched in Octoberthe Escort range was slimmed down to a series of value for money models dubbed Flight and Finesse.

Only the old 1. This range eventually petered out in What You Get There are so many derivatives it's difficult to know where to start. Early examples are little more than practical transport. Later cars, cabriolets, XR3i models and RS variants are by contrast, surprisingly entertaining. Either way, you'll get yourself a good, reliable family car for not much money. What You Pay Please fill in the form here for an exact up-to-date information.

1995 Ford Escort Reviews

What to Look For Many examples suffer from starter motor escrot alternator problems. You may also expect uneven tyre wear and water leaks. Check that the carpets 1995 ford escort review the front revieww rear load deck are dry and that there is no rust beneath them. Water pump failed and seal broke at about 78, miles probably because of the abuse it's been through by the previous owner not have any coolant in the radiator. Alternator failed shortly after the water pump. The starter motor failed at around 80, miles. The rear brake cylinders blew at about 79, miles, locking my back tires very scary!!!

I say all this, not to point the eescort at the car for being worthless ecort, because it isn't. Also, one word of advice: The power steering gives a decent amount of feedback and fotd too light. The radio finally died around 81, miles but for regiew year it was made, it was pretty good, though I would recommend replacing it with an aftermarket radio ; the signal came in crisp and clean when it had a signal, but quite often it would continue searching the frequencies and come up short. The fuel consumption is minimal, and I suspect will improve once I get the injectors replaced. I also might add that this car is a bit finicky with what gas it uses.

DON'T give it low grade knock-off brand stuff. Regular unleaded gas is fine as long as it's from a reputable company. Also, you MUST change the motor oil in this car no later than 3, miles or three months, or risk premature wear of the valves. Amazingly, the power windows and power locks still work. The electricals on this car haven't given me a problem yet, though the brake light stays on when I shift into neutral yet to discover the culprit.