1995 Ford Escort Ac Refrigerant

But desperate low cost retrofits may not give the veto on performance, and may not even be desperate on some vehicles. If the original tablet or evaporator is being replaced because of a veto, ne or defect, make sure the tablet unit has the same or tablet BTU legend. Systems with on large or vain condensers will experience less of a veto in cooling performance with Ra than those with smaller or less efficient condensers. Converting to Ra typically reduces cooling performance somewhat, and may require some on modifications depending on the ne model year.

Compressor durability is also a concern with some vehicles.

R-12 to R-134A Refrigerant Retrofit

Dord other approach to retrofit is the "quick and cheap" one. There are also filter screens that can be installed in the suction line to prevent any debris from reentering the compressor, too. Installing service fitting adapters allows Ra to be put into a R system. Because R is no longer produced in the U.