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You are changing the model through which you have previously enjoyed feminine company, improving your life and setting yourself up for greater success. They change the way you look at acquiring and enjoying female company. Are your rates negotiable? NO, No and NO! I do offer discounts for military, referrals, and proof of donating to any of my non-profit organizations. Are the pictures on the site really you? Will you send me more photo's of you? Can I request fetish wear? I love to dress up for you. I have a variety of heels, hose, dresses, ect Please request via email what you would like me to wear or bring. Can you bring toys on our date? Yes, I have plenty of toys. Please request what you would like me to bring and I will do my best to meet that request.

Do you see couples? I'm more of a one-on-one kinda gal. Can you bring a second provider or participate in duos? Do you see African American men? I'm told I look very Middle Eastern Indian. Can I take you on a vacation with me or fly you out to my home city and state? So you just can't wait huh? Yes I would love to, however I only do this with repeat clients that I have seen 1 once before. I will book my own flight and hotel out of the deposit. Do you drink, or participate in other "under the influence" activities? I do smoke tobacco - It's my guilty pleasure, I have been trying to quit. I try my best to never smell or taste like smoke. As for drinking; I do like a glass of wine or a nice rum drink.

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